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DataMatrix runs on Python 2 and 3, and requires only the Python standard library. That is, you can use it without installing any additional Python packages.

The following packages are required for extra functionality:

  • fastnumbers for improved performance
  • numpy and scipy for using the FloatColumn, IntColumn, and SeriesColumn objects
  • prettytable for creating a text representation of a DataMatrix (e.g. to print it out)
  • openpyxl for reading and writing .xlsx files
  • json_tricks for hashing, serialization to and from json, and memoization (caching).
  • pandas for conversion to and from pandas.DataFrame.


The easiest way to install DataMatrix is through PyPi (pip install):

pip install python-datamatrix

Optional dependencies:

pip install fastnumbers numpy scipy prettytable openpyxl pandas json_tricks

Source code